What is relation between Celebrities and Fashion Designers?

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What is relation between Celebrities and Fashion Designers? 1

Fashion Designing classes are provided by many Fashion and interior design institutes, but INIFD is one of the best Fashion institutes which provides both interior and fashion design classes. Because INIFD creates many opportunities for utilization of Technical skills of fashion designers by showing in Modeling competitions and industrial fairs such as Lakme Fashion Weeks (LFW), Femina Miss India (FMI).

Firstly, why you will be admitted at INIFD?

The admission at INIFD is highly beneficial because it provides the best platforms to students and professionals forever from the angle of Infrastructures, Instructors, participation in various competitions, award celebrations.

Many celebrities such as Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar are associated with this institute to carry on its reputation. Mrs. Twinkle Khanna has won many awards in interior design for several times from different competitions with her most expert skill and knowledge. Now, she has been associated with the mentor in “Interior Design Academy”.

INIFD has established its reputation as one of the best schools for fashion design and interior design. One interesting thing is that it is very much famous in both domestic and international markets. Because when INIFD students participate with their talents in various domestic and international fairs and competitions. The high-class fashion design training in INIFD Ahmedabad puts its students on top of each competition.

Ms. Ritu Kochhar, Corporate Director INIFD said that “Modern Fashion is spread over all categories of people in the society such as Rich and poor, Celebrities and common people, Professionals and businessmen. Fashion Design is the right career to fulfill the lifestyle of the society”.

What is the relation between Celebrities and Fashion Designers?

Now these days, the fashion designers are earning a huge amount from the film industries and modeling industries. The celebrities need a different and attractive design for each scene of the film or modeling shooting. These industries really need a higher volume of high quality designed dresses for their use in commercial shooting.

Also, many rich Ladies of this Indian society follow the styles of celebrities and needs high-quality designs in their clothes. Along with, increased populations of India the volume of modern style and newly designed clothes are very much demanding in the Indian market as well as international market.
Also, Young males are also looking for new stylish dresses by following dress codes of heroes in the movies. This mode of dressing has raised the demand of the most creative designers, which INIFD helps in the building.

Criteria for best schools for Fashion Design

A college or institute can be said as the best schools for fashion design when it has satisfactory surrounding with teaching components available for students. It should be able to provide highly experienced expert teachers with sufficient infrastructures. The most important role of fashion design institute is to allow students in growing their careers by appropriate placements and opportunities.

INIFD has all above qualities and facilities with it to fulfill a dream of its students. Today, get admitted into INIFD and become the lucky person to grow, the opportunity to grow your career. Most important thing is you can have the opportunity to admit here, even if you have passed or failed in 10+2. For more information: visit www.inifdgandhinagar.com

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