If you are looking for a better professional course for your future career after graduation, then it is recommended to get admitted in INIFD for any types of design courses such as Interior design, Fashion design, or Textiles design, etc.

Why is INIFD called the best International Institute of fashion design?

INIFD has been established for last 20 years as the best International Institute of Fashion design for its overseas appearance and award-winning performance of its talented students. INIFD participates in many Domestic as well as International exhibitions, events, fashion shows, etc., to provide an opportunity for its students to prove their talents.

Domestic Exhibitions

Domestic exhibitions are meant for organizing interstate or national exhibitions or programs inside one country and our Domestic exhibitions are organized in India. In these exhibitions, only Indian companies, institutes, individual talents can participate by registering them. But, the interested visitors from any state or any countries can visit the Domestic exhibitions or fairs to watch the talents or products.

Sometimes, they hire Indian artists or fashion designers for their country industries or by the Indian designs or products for a good amount of foreign currency.

In these exhibitions or fairs, also a good volume of sales and purchase occur and the both talented participants earn good amount, name and fame.

International Exhibitions

International Exhibitions are meant for the exhibitions organized at the overseas level between the companies from different countries. Many companies, institutes, individuals register themselves to participate in these International exhibitions. The students of INIFD participate in these exhibitions to show their talents and also their designs are sold at higher rates than domestic exhibitions. In this way, they can also be hired by MNCs with great CTC packages.

Also, many international students i.e. other country students are inspired to Join INIFD through these International Exhibitions, fairs, and events. The students from Sri Lanka, South African countries, China, Nepal, USA, UK also join INIFD to have the better Fashion Design courses or Interior design courses.

Hence, INIFD is popular as an International institute by having International students. The students become popular worldwide through INIFD career courses in the field of Fashion design, Textile design or Interior design. The new students will be included in the existing professional networks of Fashion or interior designs.

How to become a popular International Fashion designer?

The well-trained fashion designer who is working for International or domestic models and film stars can be popular automatically by designing well attractive dresses for them. When their film or modeling show will be displayed through TV channels worldwide and the award-winning stars give some percentage of credit to their Fashion designer. This way the fashion designers from INIFD can be popular as an International Fashion Designer.

INIFD is one of the best institutes to have Fashion Designing Courses after graduation or 12th or 10th. It has created a great opportunity for all levels part-times. The students can do part time or full-time courses here according to their career plan or professional career.

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